Our collaborative approach makes us better
Succeed in Online Advertising with Pulse 360

What is Pulse 360?

The Internet is filled with self serve products, technology platforms, and of course, acronyms. We are often asked "What are you?"

  • Are we a Network, Exchange, DSP, SSP, Optimizer, Publisher, or Ad Server?
  • Do we do Display or Direct Response?
  • Are we performance or fee based?
  • Do we do CPM, CPC or CPA?

Our answer is we are all of those yet none of those. Pulse 360 takes a hands-on approach and collaborates with our customers - Agencies, Brands, Lead Generation, Small Business, and Affiliate Marketers - to create, setup and operate advertising campaigns to meet communications objectives.

Collaboration and Customer Service is what sets us apart. Sure, we have a black box just like everyone else, but it is our collaborative approach that makes us better. You actually get to speak to someone at Pulse 360.

Here is how we approach your business:

Here is how we approach your campaign:

Step 1: We learn about your business. We want to know about your objectives, your target audience and what has worked well or not worked for you in the past. This first step enables us to understand what direction to take with your advertising campaign.

Step 2: We develop a campaign strategy just for you. It includes:


We take your objectives and use our Pulse 360 Calculator to derive CPC's, CPM's, impressions, click through rates, and conversion rates you need to reach your objective.

Media Plan

Your audience and objective inform your media. Context, relevance, audience size, and price levels are also taken into account to develop media sits lists just for you.


Do you add targeting immediately or use predictive targeting with our proprietary Pulse Audience Finder technology? We pick the audience that works best for you. Lastly, what about retargeting? Is that something that is right for you?


What is the price you should pay for a click or impression in order to hit your campaign goals?

Step 3: We help you set up and start your campaign. Are the creatives correct? Have the correct tags been created and set up? Do you have the correct pixels in place?

Step 4: We help operate your campaign. While our Advertiser Center is a very powerful tool and is capable of solving all of your campaign needs, we also watch your campaign daily and are masters at optimization. Here is our approach to optimizing your campaign:

Creative Optimization

Creative and landing page optimization. We track clicks and conversions by creative execution and landing page. We optimize on CTR or CPA. Creative and landing page improvement is a continuous process.

Audience Optimization

Audience optimization involves checking whether your audience is correct. We continually track performance by audience to ensure you have the best audience viewing your ad.

Media Optimization

What sites and placement are working for you? What inventory should you be adding or deleting? We make sure we block, add and price media correctly to meet your campaign goals.

Step 5: We speak to you on a periodic basis. Pulse 360 is unique in our constant and consistent feedback to customers. We generate Pulse Insight Reports on your campaign performance. We schedule weekly meetings to discuss your performance and campaign changes you should make. Lastly, we use our experience to help you to improve your performance.