Increase customer conversion by up to 600% by using audience targeting
Right person, Right Ad, Right Time

Who are you trying to reach?

245 Million Americans, or 79% of the U.S. population, have Internet access. How do you find the customers that really want your product? Who are you targeting?

Example Segments:

  • Moms.
  • Car Owners.
  • People looking to refinance.
  • People interested in fitness.
  • People in Chicago.
  • People with iPads.
  • People who shop at Target.

Besides creative strategy, the most important determinant of campaign success is targeting. A study by Columbia business school indicates that 91% of senior corporate marketers believe successful brands use data to drive marketing decisions. More and more people are turning towards audience targeting to boost the performance of their advertising spend.

How do you kick up the performance of your Ad campaign? Use Pulse 360's audience targeting to reach the right person, at the right time, and show them the right Ad!

If you can define your target audience we can find it!

We have categorized most of the 245 Million people on the Internet. If you can define your target audience, we can find them and increase your CTR by up to 300% and conversions by up to 600%.

We target:

How do I find my audience?

Some advertisers know exactly who buys their product. In some cases, they have a laser-like focus on their "true" customers. However, most people don't know who really is interested in their advertisements or who is actually buying their product.

In order to help you find your "true" customer, we created Pulse Audience Finder. What is Pulse Audience Finder? It is a predictive targeting tool that lets us track your impressions, clicks and conversions over 3,000 unique audiences. All it takes is between 2 and 4 weeks and we can identify the target audiences that drive your performance.

Here is what we see when a typical campaign uses Pulse Audience Finder

  • Impressions come from 504 different audience segments.
  • The difference between overall click through rate and the worst performing segment is a factor of 1.5.
  • The difference between overall click through rate and the best performing segment is a factor of 3.1.
  • The difference between the worst and best performing segments is a factor of 8.6.