Become part of the Pulse 360 Publisher Network and expand your monetization ability

Are you a publisher?

If you are a publisher looking for a steady revenue stream from placements that don't conflict with your sponsorships and direct sales, talk to Pulse 360.

With the explosion in display advertising, it's getting harder and harder for publishers to grow their revenue or realize higher CPM's. ComScore estimates that there are 14+ billion display ads shown on a daily basis. That number continues to grow. How do you keep up with the growth and continue to monetize your site?

The answer is direct response advertising.

Publishers find that direct response Text and Text with Image ads tap into revenue streams not seen using purely sponsorship and high impact display ads. Furthermore, the mix of advertisers is extremely complementary to big branded advertisers. Lastly, most direct response advertisers run on targeted campaigns, which mean higher RPM campaigns.

The length of our publisher relationships speaks to the success of this approach. On average, we have been doing business for over 5 years with our publishers. In Internet years, that is an eternity.